NMG Loro Piana Trunk Show

Loro Piana Private Trunk Show

On November 30, 2018, Loro Piana, Park Lane, and NMG Network welcomed an intimate gathering of Park Lane residents to an exclusive shopping event for residents of the luxury development. The gathering took place at the Park Lane Club Lounge and featured the exclusive collection of The Gift of Kings ® and Vicuña.

The Gift of Kings ® - Once an exclusive preserve of Europe’s royal families, today the noblest of wool is taken to an exceptional level of refinement, driven by Loro Piana’s passion and partnership with a selection of visionary breeders in Australia and New Zealand.

Vicuña - Rightfully named The Fibre of the Gods, the finest, rarest animal raw material in the world comes from a small member of the camel family that lives wild in the Andes: the vicuña.

Food provided by Chef Vikram
Photos by Skye Yonamine