A mass migration of Pacific Islanders in search of salvation leads to a war between the native population and the growing numbers of new arrivals, and a young girl stuck in the middle is forced to choose  between fighting for what she loves or to save what is left of it.

2017 ‘OHINA SHOWCASE Selection

Written & Directed by: Kenji Doughty

Starring: Ha’a Keaulana, Paula Fuga, Keala Kahuanui-Paleka, Hio Pelesasa, Ocean Kauwili, Brian Keaulana, Naomi Seau, Kala Alexander, Sam K. Kapoi, Kainalu Hecomovich

Executive Producers: Vince Keala Lucero, Brian Keaulana, Ty Sanga

Producers: Yamato Cibulka, Kenneth K. Martinez Burgmaier

Associate Producers: Laura Aguon, Kent Matsuoka, Leonn Kelikini, Darius A. Monsef IV, Matthew Wong

Co-Producers: Noel Nicholas, Leah Gallegos

Cinematography: Ryan Miyamoto